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6 Ways to Maximize Social Media in 2023

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay - and it’s the number one way you can maximize your small business in 2023. When used effectively, social media has huge potential to be a prominent catalyst in forging personal connections between eCommerce and consumers. Whether you find taking advantage of all that social media has to offer an exciting challenge or an overwhelming task, we are for you! Hazil Studios is excited to share six simple tips on how to expand your brand and take social media by storm in the new year. Let’s get started!

Showcase the personality of your brand through authentic and consistent content

In recent years, social media has given brands a platform to control their narrative and interact with their target audience in new and exciting ways. What is the very first thing to think about when planning a social media strategy? Authenticity. Figure out which platforms can most authentically portray your brand, and focus on those. You don’t have to have a presence on all platforms to be successful! If your brand is new to social media, start by picking one or two, and be consistent with your content output. 

Do you feel comfortable and confident in front of a camera? Try your hand at a Youtube channel or an Instagram profile with a focus on reels or going live. More of a copy-driven story teller? Traditional Instagram and Facebook posts may be more your game. People respond to authenticity above all else - whatever you do, find a space you’re comfortable in, and go for it. 

User engagement 

User engagement is a concept often overlooked due to its simplicity, but leverage it wisely, and you’ll see the results shine through in tangible ways. 

It starts with having a fully formed profile - don’t forget the small things! Include your logo or a fun photo as your profile image. Follow it up with a thought out bio - short and sweet does the trick here. Try a line or two of copy with some emojis sprinkled in that reflect the core values of your small business. Trends are showing that shoppers, especially those of Gen Z, are just as likely to research a brand by checking out their social media page as they are to Google search and look at a homepage. That means you want your social media profile to shine! 

Take engagement a step further: always encourage followers to interact with your content. Suggest they share their experiences with your product or ask questions in the comment section. Not only does this make people feel seen and heard by the brands they love, but potential customers browsing will see your brand bolstered by the reviews of real people. In 2023, a five-star review is as good as gold. Not to mention, more comments and likes means better placement in the algorithm! 

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate! 

Collaboration is an excellent method to expand your target audience. The two most common ways to do this are by partnering with a brand that occupies a similar but not identical space to yours (think complements but not competes) or working with an influencer to promote your products.  

With the former, try working with a fellow small business to either create a new product together that exemplifies both your brands’ talents or set up a combo purchase with two items from each brand that complement and enhance each other’s value. In either scenario, you’re potentially reaching an entirely new audience that will be excited to try your products.  

Influencers are also a key tool. In a world where reviews are the law of the land, getting your products promoted by a trusted figure is a fantastic way to stand out against competition. Not only will current customers be delighted at the validation of an influencer also loving your products, but you will potentially gain new customers from the influencer’s existing pool as well. Win win! 

User generated content 

User generated content comes in many forms and can be tricky to foster as it is external to your business; however, the stronger your social media presence, the more likely your core audience will be to tag your business in their posts when using your product or simply just to brag about you! A tip to promote UGC is to offer a giveaway where followers will receive an extra entry for reposting in their stories. Don’t be afraid to create some UGC from a personal social media account too. Again, whatever method you choose, keep it authentic to you and your brand. 

Shoppable pages 

In today’s fast-paced world, closing a sale is in part dependent on your customers’ attention span. Make buying simple and fast with shoppable pages. Check out Shopify’s guide on how to set up these sales channels on Facebook and Instagram here! Similar services are offered on Google Shop, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. 

Paid advertising 

Investing in advertising for your brand will take your social media presence to the next level. It’s a one-two-punch in that you can reach an entirely new audience, thus expanding your own inner circle, and your current customers will see your products that much more frequently - subtly reminding them that they should make a purchase! 

Flexibility & Patience 

However you choose to dive into social media this upcoming year, we hope that you do so with some of these tips! In a fast evolving eCommerce world, just remember that while the sky's the limit, focusing on the small, approachable steps you can take will go a long way over time. Be patient and flexible, and you will likely see positive results flow in. Let us know how these strategies have helped you improve your own social media strategy or leave a note about other strategies you recommend in eCommunity! We can’t wait to hear from you, and happy selling! 

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