Bringing the Holiday Spirit to Your eCommerce Store

Bringing the Holiday Spirit to Your eCommerce Store

The holidays. A magical time of year that sparkles and puts everyone in good cheer. If you’re an eCommerce entrepreneur looking for a little extra good cheer this season, then you’re in luck! Hazil Studios has some tips and tricks for you to maximize your holiday conversion rates, raising sales and smiles all around. 

As a store owner, taking full advantage of the holiday season has the potential to feel overwhelming. Where do you start? Are you doing enough? Are you getting the most return for your extra efforts and time? 

We’re here to tell you there are six simple approachable steps you can take to participate in this festive time of year that will help your store shine and drive rate of return. 

Set up a holiday gift collection 

Let’s be honest, many of us aren’t talented gift buyers. We either don’t know what to give or we simply start too late. To facilitate the shopping experience for this [large] group, we recommend creating a Holiday Gift Collection. Ideally, the collection should consist of a variety of products with different price ranges. To further personalize the experience we recommend adding a sidebar filter, so customers can filter by price, age, gender, or any other filters that would fit your target audience! 

Important: Don’t forget to link out the collection from the main menu navigation. In fact, we can do this for you - check out Hazil Studios’ December Special Offer here!

Highlight Gift Cards 

Did you know that toys, apparel, and gift cards are the top three gifts to give? Did you also know that the majority of receivers would prefer to be gifted clothing, shoes, vouchers, and/or gift cards? Typically, gift cards are high in popularity for two main reasons: convenience and / or because the receiver is difficult to shop for - read: very picky! 

If you don’t offer gift cards already, now is the time to create them! Shopify allows you to create gift cards in a matter of seconds, or you could work with one of our recommended apps. Once created, don’t forget to highlight them in your menu navigation and/or hero banner, making them easy to find and a no-brainer gift option. 

Connect with a live chat 

Holiday shopping can be stressful, so don’t be surprised if customers have many questions regarding your products, payment options, and shipping/return policies. Chatbots are a great way to ease the stress and ensure customers are making the right decisions. 

Don’t have the time or people to interact in real-time? No worries! Intelligent bots are here for you and will react to customer behavior, fully automatic. Check out eCommunity by Hazil Studios to learn more about how to create these intelligent bots!

Shoppable Instagram feed

This year, 98% of customers plan to make a purchase on social media. Integrating a Shoppable Instagram Feed and linking your products on your social media posts will result in a smooth user experience between platforms. It’s also an easy way to ensure your website is always up-to-date with relatable content when auto-sync is on!

Offer gift wrapping or a personalized message

Sometimes, pushing customers over the edge to choose your brand over the competitor rests in the small details. Providing gift wrapping options and personalized messages shows that you care about your customers and gift receivers. Whether you provide this service for free or for an additional cost is up to you!

Start a loyalty program 

Now, you’ve spent all your efforts in creating brand-awareness among your target audience, you have them considering your brand as a top option, and you've even made the sale. It would be a shame to let the relationship fizzle out once the holidays are over, especially since customer acquisition costs are higher than ever!

Introducing a loyalty program is an easy and effective way to have customers coming back for future purchases. Reward customers with a freebie, a discount, or a gift card once they spend a pre-set amount of money in your store.

Yes! It’s truly that easy. Leveling up in eCommerce doesn’t have to be complicated and long-winded. Sometimes it’s the simplest steps that are the most important and yield the largest results. We’re convinced these six tips will bring your holiday season to life and make your store shine. Drop us a comment in eCommunity to share how these steps have worked for you!  

For your convenience, download our eBook full guide here

Cheers, and happy holidays from Hazil Studios!

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