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New E-Commerce Trends In 2022

In the space of the e-commerce industry, new trends have been focused more on providing a personalized experience for customers during their shopping journeys. These trends allow business owners to have a stronger connection with their customers and easily gain loyalty. 

The e-commerce industry has been booming since 2019, and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming years. The progression of the e-commerce market is a reflection of how businesses are trying to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Factors like changes in consumer behavior, increased competition, and digital content optimization push companies to modify their business plans. Below are some of the most popular e-commerce trends projected for 2022. 

Personalized Payments

There are so many new ways to pay online now and shoppers are more likely to spend their money where their preferred payment methods are offered. Having to type in your credit card number each time at checkout is now outdated. Consumers today are more drawn to the ease of using automatic payment methods, such as ApplePay, where all you need is your FaceID or phone passcode to complete a payment. An added bonus for e-commerce store owners, is these payment methods can offer customers a more personalized experience.  

Voice Search 

Just about everyone has a voice assistant today. Whether it’s Amazon’s Alexa, OK Google, or Apple’s Siri, there is an increased rate of digital consumers who use voice search when browsing for an item. A recent survey has found that nearly 50% of digital consumers like to use voice search for making online purchases. This makes sense when you can see the ease of using this kind of feature. For example, when you see you’re low on paper towels, you can easily yell out “Alexa, place an order for a 6-count of Bounty Paper Towels” and just like that, your item is paid for and being shipped.  

Direct Shopping Through Social Media

Now while browsing through social media platforms, such as Instagram, you can purchase an item straight from your homepage feed. Instagram has enabled direct online shopping and offers the feature of “Checkout on Instagram.” This feature can redirect the user to different product pages. In the wake of these new features being added, 87% of buyers admit that social media sites have helped and influenced their purchasing decisions.  Businesses are able to promote their products on Instagram through a feature called “Instagram Shopping.” This feature allows users to click on the product and be redirected to the e-commerce site and complete their purchase quickly and easily.  

It’s safe to conclude that the 2022 trends in the e-commerce world  are focused on streamlining online customer experience. The main things these trends have in common are they are satisfying and create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers. The best way to choose which trend to implement, is to ask your customers directly through surveys and online interactions, etc. and tailor your site based on their responses.

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