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What we did

1,000+ stores built

$10M/month client revenue

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Fortune 50 Clients

What we learned

Throughout the past years of running our own stores, working with over 1,000 clients large and small and helping the New York Fashion Week to sell online, we noticed a pattern in the same questions that are being asked all the time.

While everyone is saying it’s SO EASY now to take your business online, they tend to talk about creating a Shopify account and installing a free theme.

But then what?

  • How do you design it?
  • What products do you feature and why?
  • How do you gain insights from customers behavior?
  • Why do visitors add to your cart and never check out?
  • How do you create the correct policies?
  • What apps can automate your workflows?
  • ... and much more
  • Having built many stores for happy clients we noticed that the journey doesn’t end there.We thought we can solve people’s problems by building everything for them but ended up realizing how eventually they have to run their own business and no one ever taught them how to.

    So clients kept coming back to us asking for help with a wide range of issues. Of course, we were happy to help but we saw the inconvenience and frustration in the business owners eyes how they can’t run their business as easy as everyone promised.

    Here’s the thing… There indeed is a way to run your business seamlessly even without much or even any manual input. But you have to know how to get there and no one seems to be teaching it.

    This is why we decided to build THE community for every store owner so you don’t have to feel left out in the dark or having to hire freelancers with the (often unrealistic) hope that they will solve all your issues.In our group our team as well as other successful Shopify store owners share their deep knowledge what works for them and how you can get there too.

    Save yourself the frustration, time and money and join our eCommunity while you can focus on what you love the most.

    This Community is for you if:

    - Trying to add an online store to your brick & mortar business feels inevitable but overwhelming

    - Your online store has plateaued and you’re unsure of how to level it up

    - Not having to hire freelancers for everything sounds like a breath of fresh air

    Here’s the truth:

    eCommerce is booming right now, and that’s in large part due to a belief that creating an online store and selling a brand is an easy, rinse and repeat venture. Here’s the hard truth: it’s not. But! With the right tools in your pocket, you can make it be. 

    Truly successful entrepreneurs in eCommerce understand eCommerce. They know the million moving parts and technical implementations that need to be facilitated at just the right moment, and what’s better? They fully understand the “why” behind it. The nuts and bolts behind the scenes. This super power enables them to actually earn money.

    What if you, too, could have this super power?

    Join a community where you can ask any question you could possibly think of and have it answered by a leading industry expert.
    Sound good? It gets better. 

    Once a week you can attend a live webinar where those questions will be answered in real time, in great detail, with the ability to ask follow up questions.
    Additionally, insight from fellow Shopify store owners ensures that boundaries are always being pushed, ideas are always flowing, and learnings are always shared.

    So you can finally:

    Focus on running your business

    Skip spending 10,000 hours on one topic and jump right to the answers

    Share your learnings and wins with other successful Shopify owners

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    Shopify eCommunity - Monthly Membership

    Shopify eCommunity - Monthly Membership

    $27.00 $99.00

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    "Fran & her team were amazing to work with. They were always pleasant in their communications from the initial phone call to the final email. It was 100% worth it to know it was done correctly."

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