The 3 Phases of E-Commerce Success Hazil Studios

The 3 Phases of E-Commerce Success

I wanted to share with you this little nugget that came up when we started working on converting our knowledge into easily-to-follow courses.

We challenged our own approach why we do what we do, why it converted really well for us, and what others are doing that are struggling with conversion or e-commerce overall.

Running Hazil Studios (our agency) works great as a sample size since we had talked to over 2,000 business owners learning about their successes or lack of.

Why are we talking about what doesn’t work, instead of sharing what works?

I like the way you’re thinking!

Looking back at our journey, we pretty much had enough skills to build highly profitable Shopify businesses for years before it “clicked”.

We didn’t know how to use them or spent time chasing the wrong goals.

We were looking for the “hack” that we were missing or we wanted to scale marketing only to get a lot of traffic and limited sales.

Looking back, what made the biggest difference was the ability to prioritize what to do next.

The lifecycle of a Shopify business can look somewhat like this

Make Money → Increase Money → Scale Money

or if you prefer a much worse representation, check out my notes.

three pillars of shopify success

The problem we’re seeing with many store owners, they get distracted by level 2 problems, although they haven’t mastered level 1 yet.

Gary V says “If you have a bad product, marketing will only show the world that you have a bad product”.

What does that mean for us?

When your store is making less than $20,000/month you optimize your conversion by improving your store and brand.

Not by looking for hacks or learning how to run TikTok ads into a 💩 store (excuse my emoji language).

There’s also this great book called “What gets you here won’t get you there” talking about a similar issue.

What I want you to learn from this:

  • If you are making less than $20,000/month → You have a store and branding issue (assuming the product is wanted → A great store doesn’t fix a bad product)

What to improve? Make sure your…

  • Store design looks professional
  • Your site loads fast
  • Your product images are clean
  • Your layout makes sense

Bonus tip: Don’t try to be extra in your design. At this stage, copy what works. Pick a theme (free or paid) and stick as closely as possible to their layout.

I know this sound like a lot. Basically, ask yourself if you would “actually” trust your store with your credit card.

If this was confusing… sorry! I will be sharing actionable videos on every topic soon.

If you don’t want to think and want to follow simple instructions.
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Happy selling!


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